In-Home Family Coaching

For families with a specific problem that doesn’t require exploration of underlying issues, I developed In-Home Family Coaching.  It’s a great alternative to get the help your family needs to manage those nagging daily life issues that sometimes appear overwhelming.

Issues which respond well to In-Home Family Coaching include:

  • Managing Daily Chaos
  • Homework Problems
  • Parenting Issues
  • Blended Families
  • Learning Disabilities
  • And More

How does family coaching work?

It begins with an appointment in my office where you will describe your issues and determine the goal or goals you have for your family.

  1. An in-home visit is scheduled to observe your life as you live it.
  2. At your next appointment, I will present a Family Action Plan of recommendations and methods to help your family  reach your goals.
  3. Follow-up appointments are scheduled to help you “fine tune” your new program.

Family coaching doesn’t end there.  In addition to follow-up appointments, telephone calls and e-mails support you and your family members as you work on your Family Action Plan.

Does family coaching work?

Yes.  The only limits are those you impose on yourself.  Change takes courage.   If you’re ready to do the work, then In-Home Family Coaching is a program for you.

What is the difference between family coaching and therapy?

Services for in-home family coaching do not manage underlying emotional or mental health problems.  The approach is problem and solution-focused and addresses a specific problem with a precise action plan.  The fee is based on the service provided and a contracted period for service.

Psychotherapy is a healthcare service designed to diagnose and treat mental health and relationship issues.  Issues are examined to understand the root causes and deeper issues of problems.  A formalized treatment contract is required and sessions are based on a 50-minute hour.